We are earth motivated Individuals focused on transforming the human-nature relationship through education. Using biomimicry, permaculture and sustainable practices, The Blooming Bus Project hopes to provide jobs, goods, conservation and education for local communities.

“We are the ones we've been waiting for”

We are located in beautiful Humboldt County California. We are a Non-Profit through the Ink People Dreammaker Program

The Vision


How to live in harmony with the earth, going back to the dirt in all ways, Sustainable! How to take earth living to a new dynamic form that is able to sustain the evolution of our species and be applied in the modern world we are currently living in.


Our land is a model in sustainable living as well as biomimicry and permaculture.  Including housing, education facilities, wildlife rehabilitation, local food gardens, workshops for all types of production from local artisans, not only educating but also providing jobs and goods locally. 


Once we have this foundation built our next step would be to acquire a bus for the start of our blooming bus fleet.  These buses will be used to travel and implement educational projects for permaculture, depaving the earth and building community gardens, teaching sustainability to the generations across the country and continuing on to the globe.  

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We are the ones we have been waiting for, that means you, yes you are part of this vision, part of the future of the planet, and part of all of us, thank you for being you!!

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